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John 14:27 (NLT) “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

The spread of the coronavirus has caused major disruptions, changes, and as one media outlet called it, “forced new realities”. It’s also stirred up new fears, anxieties, and even widespread panic. But one thing has not changed, the sovereignty of God. He is still on the throne. This is the time, this is the year, to arise as a Church scattered to help those in need.

Today I sat in the GRACEfm Radio Network Studios with Pastor Eric Cartier, Sr. Pastor of Rocky Mountain Calvary in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We talked about the coronavirus, fear, anxiety, and the Church. It’s our prayer you are strengthened, encouraged, and equipped to lead the people under your care with grace, love and wisdom.


  • Pedro Rodriguez says:

    Is troubled times like these when faith in God calms the soul. Great radio message. Like I posted on my Twitter account ( Live Stream ) is the way to go, at least for a month. I applaud your board members decision on this. People may disagree with the decision, but common sense and proper safety measures will save people. This is just a small blip in our daily lives. We all need to be more sensible and not go into hysterics. This toilet paper madness is an example of the minds of people. They feel because of new media and constant barrage of fear being tossed on them. This makes them fearful and feel they have no Control. So to have some sense of something that they have control of is buying. Toilet paper just happened to be the item of choice for them to get out of the house and shop. Buying something has always been a way for some to release anxiety and stress , when all that is needed is a steady walk with God.

  • Elba Garza says:

    Amen. As I read psalm 91 I realized there is a time to grow closer to GOD I remember one thing what he did for me when I had a tubal pregnancy and I was dying because they couldn’t save my baby I had the surgery when I got home from the hospital can anesthesia medication wore off the pain that worser than labor pains cry out to Jesus to help me is a few minutes later I stood up I felt a warm sensation running down my stomach I started to worry and I called the doctor said I felt I was bleeding internally inside but I felt no pain so as I went to the doctor he asked me can I take to Staples out I said go ahead when he did the look on his face I will never forget he told me I was completely healed inside out that was the next day I got out of the hospital that’s why I don’t fear the Coronavirus.

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