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From the Bible teaching of our beloved Pastor Chuck Smith:

“The sin nature of man is manifested very early in life and it’s always a very shocking thing when we see sin manifested in our children. We talk about the innocence of children, but they can lie so convincingly. Did you have to teach your children to lie? No, you had to teach them to tell the truth. You have to train your children as they don’t come by the truth naturally. It is more natural for them to lie. If you had a handicap, would you rather be put in a room with grown adults or four year olds. The adults have learned to be kind and considerate towards the handicapped person, but children can be very cruel. Children would not have the mercy toward a child that is different. The sinful nature, unfortunately, survived the flood. Noah, although righteous in all his generations, came forth out of the ark and became drunken and lies around naked. The sinful nature is still there.”

Pastor Chuck Smith teaching through the book of Genesis.

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