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Every Born Again Believer is a Missionary

When reading the Bible, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that missionaries are “them” and not “me”. It seems like the term missionary is used to describe those who sell all their stuff and leave their own country to share the gospel of Jesus in a foreign country. While that is an accurate description of a missionary, it’s not an exclusive description.

The essence of Christianity extends beyond the walls of the church and into the very part of our daily lives. Every believer is called to be a missionary, not just in distant lands but in our own communities. This calling begins at home, in our own “Jerusalem,” and extends outward to the “ends of the earth.” Embracing this mission means living a life that honors God through His Word and the Gospel.

The Power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God

The transformative work of the Holy Spirit, coupled with the Word of God, is the driving force behind reaching a lost generation. Sharing the love of Christ is not an optional part of our faith; it is central to our relationship with God. The Book of Acts exemplifies this dynamic, showcasing the Spirit of God working through the people of God.

Engaging Others with the Gospel

When talking to others about faith, it’s crucial to listen, reason, explain, and clearly demonstrate the truths of Christianity. Listening is a foundational aspect of effective communication, allowing us to understand and address the real questions and concerns of those in front of us. By reasoning from the Scriptures, we can demonstrate the truth of Jesus as the promised Messiah and Savior.

The Impact of Scripture on Life

The Bible is not just a book of ancient words; it is the living Word that has the power to change lives. Through Scripture, we find guidance for our marriages, our personal growth, and our spiritual nourishment. It’s vital to read your Bibles and pray every day.

Opposition to the Gospel

Wherever the Gospel is preached, opposition will arise. The Book of Acts recounts how Paul’s message was met with resistance, envy, and even violence. However, this should not scare us; it is a reminder that progress in the Kingdom of God often faces challenges. As believers, we must be vigilant and continue to demonstrate love and care, even to those who oppose us.

The Gospel Turns the World Right Side Up

The message of the Gospel may seem disruptive to the status quo, but in reality, it sets things right. The world, in its fallen state, is upside down, and the Gospel offers a way to turn it right side up. The true transformation comes when individuals encounter the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

The Berean Example

The Bereans in Acts 17 provide a model for us to follow. They were commended for their eagerness to receive the Word and for diligently examining the Scriptures to verify Paul’s teachings. As modern-day Bereans, we too should test all teachings against the Word of God to ensure they align with biblical truth.

Our Response to Cultural Idolatry

In a world filled with idolatry and false worship, Christians are called to respond not with criticism but with the Gospel’s message of hope and love. Paul’s approach in Athens serves as an example of how to engage with a culture steeped in idolatry without compromising the truth of the Gospel.

Conclusion: Living Out Our Faith

As we prayerfully consider the message of Acts 17, let us submit ourselves in Him to live out our faith actively throughout our communities. This week, consider how you can live out the missionary calling in your daily life. Ask yourself:

– How can I demonstrate the love of Christ to those around me?
– In what ways can I engage in meaningful conversations about faith?
– Am I living out the Gospel in a way that turns the world right side up?

Let us abide in Jesus so that we might be salt and light in a world that desperately needs the hope of the Gospel.

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